* Flexible, one component, adhesive and sealing compound in a cartridge - (310ml)
* High levels of Gas and Water tightness
* Excellent adhesion, applicable to all common building materials
* Shows Fire resistance properties
* Resistant against Water, Alkaline, Chemical agents
* Resistant to termites (Mastotermes Darwiniensis) Northern Australian termites
* Resistant to Rats
* Resistant to Hydrogen Sulphide / Methane and many other Gases (NedLab)
* Non corrosive
* Solvent free
* Shock absorbing
* Non toxic, neutral and almost odourless
* Also suitable for limiting the EX-zones during transitions (observe chemical resistance)
* Suitable for any shaped duct / bore hole / opening
* Quick and easy installation
* A complete kit
* Seals all know materials, PVC & PE sheathed cables, PILC, (HD) PE pipes
* Suitable for renovations, can be installed retrospectively
* Over 25 years of operational experience

FiloSeal+HD is very easy to apply regardless of the type of cable scenario in the cable ducts as it uses strong, but flexible hexagonal tubes to support the cable and provide a strong backing for the seal
The unique design of the hexagonal tubes makes positioning and separation of the cables very simple while also providing a strong backing for the MD+ to be applied on.

Item NumberDescriptionMaximum Duct Diameter (mm)
80204FiloSeal+HD 110mm
Ø 110 max.
80205FiloSeal+HD 160mm
Ø 160 max.

Watch this Video and see for yourself how easy this system is to install

After application and full curing the thixotropic MD+ forms a plastic elastomer mass with special qualities effectively sealing and bonding, while providing a high level of durability. 

FiloSeal+HD provides a strong support system using the hexagonal tubes which builds up like a honeycomb structure. FiloSeal+HD  is suitable for sealing any cable configuration or pipes contained in one duct and also allows easy re-entry of the seal to add or remove cables or pipes as required.

The Filoform duct sealing system FiloSeal+HD uses our MD+ sealant which is easily applied from a skeleton gun. The high quality, one component, flexible sealant “MD+” is based on a silicon compound that cures with air (Humidity).

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FiloSeal+ HD