MD+ Fire resistant sealant

MDIII Duct Sealing System

Duct sealing systems MDIII have been developed to an provide effective and simple solution for Gas and Watertight sealing of cables / pipes in ducts or bore holes.

This duct sealing system is extremely flexible and can be installed in ducts vertically and horizontaly.

Filoform duct sealing systems have been developed to provide an effective gas and watertight seal of underground cable penetrations. When installing our duct sealing system MDIII, you will protect valuables from damage which is caused by gas and water leaks.

Filoform duct seals type MD are based on a specially formulated two-component expanding polyurethane resin. The polyurethane sealant is packed in a transparent plastic bag with a screw ring. In this plastic bag, the two components are separated by a clamping profile. After removal of the clamping profile, the two components are simply mixed together for 30 seconds. The package is now ready for use and can be easily opened with the use of the screw nipple.

After pouring the resin in the duct, the resin starts expanding by forming CO². During the expansion the polyurethane filling material penetrates all areas inside the duct, thus sealing all openings regardless of the shape of the duct or borehole. After this the hardening process starts. The Filoform two component filler provides not only a 100% gas and watertight seal but also offers excellent mechanical strength.

The MDIII system is suitable in situations where more than one cable or pipe is in the duct. The opening of the duct does not need to be completely round.

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The effective and ‚easy to install’ solution to gas and watertight as well as fire proof duct sealing requirements.

Filoform duct Sealing systems have been used for decades to provide Gas and Watertight sealing. These seals can now be made Fire resistant up to 2 hours by finishing them with the special "MD+ Fire resistant sealant".

Gas- and watertight
Filoform duct sealing systems are based on a specially formulated expanding 2-component polyurethane resin. This resin is packed in a transparent twin pack prepared for a filling nozzle. After removing the separation strip, the 2 components should be thoroughly mixed for 30 seconds. The resin is now ready for use and the twin pack can easily be openend by installing the screw type filling nozzle. After pouring the resin in, the resin expands due to the formation of CO2. During this expansion, the resin penetrates into all gaps thus filling these completely. This proces takes place independant from the shape of the duct and independant from the diameter and number of cables or tubes. After this, the expanded resin will cure and form a durable gas- and watertight seal with excellent mechanical strength. 

Fire resistant
Use of the special MD+ Fire Resistant Sealant in combination with Filoform MD-Duct Sealing Systems provides fire resistance up to 2 hours in conformity with the standard EN1366-3:2009*. Filoform duct sealing systems can thus be easily adjusted to the requirements in a specific situation. 

*Fire resistance in conformity with the standard EN1366-3:2009 can only be achieved when the duct seal is installed in accordance with our installation instructions. The fire resistance in conformity with the standard EN1366-3:2009 has been tested and approved by Warrington Fire.